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Very nicely done! I think you could have made the world feel just a hair less "linear," and I don't care for the boss, but it's a solid effort. Impressive that you managed to translate a lite Metroidvania formula to this theme!

Thank you for playing! I was a bit worried if I made the game less linear, it would be too confusing and frustrating in a game that you don't really have full control over. I also had more rooms planned originally, but had to cut back a fair bit to be finished in time. I knew the boss wouldn't be for everyone, and it's definitely tougher than I would have preferred, but I'm glad you enjoyed the game

I think you realized the game mechanic fully in a concise way. My favorite part was the final level. I spent forever on that! I wonder if anyone can top my amazing highscore of -22820. I see now that I could have done a lot better aha. Awesome game!

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! The final boss definitely has a bit of a learning curve to it, but I'm pretty happy with the game overall